The Emblem

The College of Education is committed to the development of holistic thinking, loving generosity, and purposeful living in educational culture.  Our core values are summed up in the “3 L’s”: Love, Live, Laugh.

1.  Emblem Composition:

Our emblem represents Love, Live, Laugh, and People.

2. Design Concept:

Our emblem is composed of the “3 L’s” (Love, Live, Laugh), and it is designed to promote the importance of our core values.  The left side of our emblem is composed of three strokes.  The circle to the right is the sun, and together these represent our professors helping students progress, and greeting challenges with composure and grace.  At the same time, our professors strive to be an outstanding role model for their students.  In addition, their objective is to help students become exceptional leaders in the world of education and its related fields.

3. The Colors:

The color red symbolizes ‘Love’, green symbolizes ‘Live’, yellow symbolizes ‘Laugh’ and orange symbolizes the sun.