Cultivate principles and values of service and leadership among future professionals in the field of education.

Cultivate creativity and instill a spirit of service among future professionals in the fields of library science and educational technology.

Develop activeness and instill values of loving service among future professionals in the fields of physical education and recreation.

Develop professional, caring teachers happy and able to provide service.

Mission Statement

The College of Education’s philosophy of education upholds Catholic values.  Our objectives are to instill values of social responsibility so that our students can serve society and work towards its improvement.  We want our students to play a role in helping people, and, through honing their academic research abilities and taking positions in the realm of education, helping to create a better society.  It is for these reasons that our teaching philosophy values holistic thinking, loving generosity and purposefulness in educational culture.  Our core values can be summed up by the “3 L’s”: Love, Live, Laugh.  At the same time, our professors strive to be an outstanding role model for their students.  Their objective is to help students become leaders of vision within the sphere of education.